WWC is a Federally-focused management consulting firm with extensive experience at the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of State, and USAID. We take a holistic government approach to program management, financial management, regulatory compliance and review, strategic communications, metrics and evaluation, and policy design.
International Reach
As an experienced provider to clients spanning the "three Ds" of Defense, Diplomacy, and Development, WWC has more than 10 years of support to U.S. Government clients both in the U.S. and overseas at military bases, embassies, and USAID missions. WWC knows how to navigate the complexities of providing support to Federal clients around the world.
Overcoming Bureaucratic Gridlock
WWC understands the inner workings of government, and the unique challenges that our Federal clients face. We can manage extraneous lateral tasks to allow our clients to focus on their core missions, and we offer tailored solutions gleaned from best practices across government—from the White House to forward operating locations--and the private sector.